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Introduction-Definition- What is competency-based curriculum

● The search for a relevant and holistic curriculum that nurtures learners’ potentials and integrates both schooling and co-curricular activities has led to the evolution of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in Kenya. 
● The overarching aim of the new curriculum is to equip citizens with skills for the 21st century. 
● CBC captures the aspirations of the country which places emphasis on the learner’s competence, character, patriotism, citizenship, and ability to coexist as a responsible citizen. 

What is competency-based curriculum

A competence is the ability to apply appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to successfully perform a task. 

  • The Competency-based curriculum is premised on the belief that individuals are lifelong learners who continuously accumulate knowledge and require to apply the knowing to doing resulting to performance in mastery of skills. 
  • In a competency-based curriculum, skills attainment and learning are emphasized.

Characteristics of Competency-based curriculum

● Specific measurable competency
● Content based on learner outcomes
● Continuous learner involvement until mastery
● Use of a variety of instructional strategies
● Focuses on what learners need to know
● Pacing instructional to learner need
● Learners demonstrate mastery of competencies

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