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Free CBC Grade 4 Exams 2022

Topic 2: Healthy Living

Sub topic: Common illness in the locality

What are the common illness in our locality?

There are common illness that affect people in our locality.

These illness can cause headaches, vomiting, stomachache and general pain in the body.

They can also make us feel hot or cold.

How do we communicate when feeling unwell?

We should always tell other people when we feel unwell.

We can tell our parents, our teachers, our friends or a responsible adult. When we tell other people that we feel unwell, we get help 

What are the causes of illness in our locality?

The common illness in our locality are caused by:

  • Germs- eating using dirty hands or eating fruits without washing.
  • Coughing without covering your mouth will spread diseases to others
  • Putting sharp objects in our ears or nose
  • Drinking dirty water also causes diseases like cholera.

Pictures showing common causes of illness in the locality 

What healthy practices prevent illnesses?

  • Washing hands—wash your hands using clean running water.
  • Covering the mouth when coughing—cough while covering your mouth.
  • Using a handkerchief—clean your nose using a handkerchief.


  1. Name three common illness that affect people in your locality.
  2. Mrefu went to school. During break time, he developed a headache. He told his teacher. His teacher took him to hospital. a) Write what you think Mrefu told his teacher.

b) Write what you think Mrefu told the doctor at the hospital.

  • Shantel and Rayan were given fruits by their father. Shantel washed her fruits before eating. Rayan ate his fruits without washing them.
  • Who among the two practiced a healthy habit? 
  • Which healthy habit was practiced?
  • Write other healthy practices we should practice.

Care of the home

What do we use to clean our home?

Things we use to clean our home are: brooms, dusters, soap, moppers, brushes, dust pans and dust bins.

      Pictures of materials and tools we use to clean our home

We sweep and mop floors, dust surfaces and dispose refuse to keep our homes clean. We use different materials to do these tasks.

What are the methods of cleaning the home?

The different methods we use to clean the home are: 

  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Disposing of refuse

Pictures showing methods of cleaning the home on page 24.

Free CBC Grade 4 Exams 2022

How do we clean our home?

Activity 1.

You will need: brooms, water, soap, mops or floor cloths, basins or buckets, dustpans and cloth dusters.

  1. Sweep the class. 
  2. Dispose of waste in a dustbin and take it to the rubbish pit.
  3. Dust the windows, chairs, tables and desks.
  4. Mop the class and allow it to dry.
  5. Arrange the furniture after cleaning.
  6. Clean and store the cleaning materials and tools properly.

Safety precautions when cleaning a room

  • If the floor is earthen, sprinkle water on it before sweeping.
    • Wear an apron and a dust mask when sweeping or dusting.
    • Avoid walking on a wet floor.
    • Wait for the floor to dry before arranging the furniture.

How do we care for and store cleaning materials and tools 

  1. Hang brooms and mops or place them against a wall on the handle.
  2. Store brushes on a shelf with the bristle facing up 3.   Keep basins and buckets in a shade
  3. Hang dust pans by the handle.
  4. Fold floor cloths and store them on a shelf.


  1. Write five materials we can use to clean our houses.
  2. Name four locally available materials we can use to make cleaning materials and tools
  3. Your teacher has asked you to show other learners in your school how to clean their homes. Write down what you will tell them about being safe when cleaning their homes.
  4. Why do we close windows and doors when sweeping and open them after we have finished sweeping.
  5. You have been asked to mop your house. Write three materials you will use. How will you use them?

Sub topic: Care and cleaning of shoes

What materials are our shoes made of?

Shoes are made from different materials. They can be made from leather, plastic or canvas.

   Pictures of shoes.

What materials do we use to clean our shoes?

Materials used to clean shoes are:

Shoe brush

Shoe polish

A piece of cloth

Water and soap

A piece of stick

Old newspapers

Pictures of materials used to clean shoes

How do we clean leather shoes?

Materials needed: Leather shoes, shoe polish, two shoe brushes, a piece of cloth, warm water, soap, a blunt stick, a basin or a bucket and old newspapers.

Free CBC Grade 4 Exams 2022


  1. If necessary, cover the surface with old newspapers.
  2. Remove any mud from the soles using a blunt stick.
  3. Dispose of the old newspapers and the mud appropriately.
  4. Wipe the shoes using a piece of cloth to remove any dust
  5. Remove the shoe laces, if any. If the shoe laces are dirty, wash them in soapy water, rinse them and hang them to dry.
  6. Wipe the shoes with damp cloth dipped in soapy water. Wipe the shoes again using a clean damp cloth. Leave the shoes to dry in the shade for a few minutes.
  7. Apply shoe polish using a soft shoe brush. Allow the polish to soak in for a few minutes.
  8. Brush the shoes in a dry airy place. Stuff them with newspapers if storing them for a long time.

How do we clean plastic shoes?

Materials needed: Plastic shoes, a piece of cloth or a soft brush, warm water, soap, old newspapers, a blunt stick and a basin or a bucket.

  1. If necessary, cover the surface with old newspapers
  2. Remove any mud from the soles using a blunt stick.
  3. Dispose of the old newspapers and the mud appropriately.
  4. Put some warm water in a basin or bucket.
  5. Add some soap and stir.
  6. Dip the shoes in the soapy water. Scrub them using a cloth or a soft brush.
  7. Rinse the shoes well in clean water.
  8. Dry the shoes in the shade.

How do we clean canvas shoes?

Materials needed: Canvas shoes, soap, water, a basin or a bucket, soft brush or a scrubbing cloth.

  1. Remove the shoe laces if any. Wash the shoe laces in soapy water if they are dirty. Rinse them and hang them to dry.
  2. Remove any mud from the soles using a blunt stick.
  3. Hit the shoes gently against each other to remove I dust.
  4. Remove the insoles from the shoes.
  5. Wash the shoes and insoles in warm soapy water. Scrub them with a cloth or a soft brush.
  6. Rinse the shoes and the insoles in clean water. Shake them to remove excess water.
  7. Dry the shoes by placing them against a wall in a slanting position.
  8. After they dry, put the laces and insoles back and store the shoes in an airy place.
  9. Put some newspapers in the shoes to prevent them from losing shape.

How can we observe safety when cleaning shoes?

  1. Use a blunt piece of stick to remove mud. Do not use a sharp one.
  2. Use warm water when cleaning. Do not use hot water. 3.     Store cleaning materials in a locked place 

        4.       Store shoes properly after cleaning.

How do we care for and store the materials we use to clean shoes?

The following are some ways of taking care of the materials we use to clean our shoes.

  1. Store shoe polish on a shelf away from small children.
  2. Store shoe brushes on a shelf with the bristle facing up.
  3. Clean the scrubbing brush and store it on a shelf with the bristles facing up.
  4. Wash the cleaning cloth in soapy water and dry it.Fold and store it on a shelf.
  5. Wash basins and buckets and store them in a shaded area.


Write the materials used for making shoes.

  1. Your parent has asked you to clean your canvas shoes.Write down the Materials you will use
  2. How do we take care of basins and buckets after cleaning our shoes.
  3. You have been asked to teach other children how to clean their shoes. Write two safety measures you will tell them to observe when cleaning their shoes.
  4. Why are shoe brushes stored with the bristles facing up?

Sub topic: Fuels used at home.

Which type of fuels are available in our homes?

Fuel is any material that is used to produce heat or light in our homes. Charcoal, firewood, paraffin, gas and electricity are fuels.

Why do we use charcoal at home?

We use charcoal in our homes for various purposes

FuelWhat we can use it for
Firewood Cook,heat or warm the house and provide light 
CharcoalCook and provide heat or warmth in the house
ParaffinCook and provide light
ElectricityCook,heat or warm the house and provide light
GasCook and provide light

How do we use and conserve fuels at home?

Free CBC Grade 4 Exams 2022

To conserve something is to use it without wasting. Using fuel without wasting it is conserving fuel.

  • We can conserve firewood and charcoal by using jikos that use less firewood or charcoal.
  • We can conserve electricity by using energy saving bulbs, and using electricity only when we need it.

What challenges can we face when using fuels?

  • Some fuels are dangerous and can cause fire, like firewood.
  • Some fuels produce so much smoke that is dangerous for our health.
  • Fuel like gas can get finished before you start cooking.
  • Electricity is very unreliable as it can be off without notice.

How do we keep safe when using fuels?

  1. Do not overload sockets
  2. Check the gas cylinder and pipes to ensure they are not working. Do not sleep in a closed room that has a burning charcoal jiko.
  1. Name any three fuels you see at your home.
  2. A grade four Learner used charcoal for cooking. How  else can this learner use charcoal?
  3. Look at the pictures below.
  1. Who is using fuel well in the pictures?
    1. Who is wasting fuel? Why?
  2. Write three ways we can conserve firewood at home.
  3. When using gas, what safety measures should you think about?

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