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Grade 7 Home Science Project 2023 Instructions to Learners

(a) This paper consists of ONE practical task.
(b) The practical is scored out of 30 marks.
(c) Answer all the questions in English.


(a) This paper consists of one performance task on steaming and boiling foods to be completed within a
period of two weeks.
(b) The teacher shall organise the learners in groups of 4 – 5 members for the task.
(c) The teacher is encouraged to organise the task in sessions of not more than 2 hours.
(d) The teacher shall guide the groups to search for information and write recipes for steaming a selected
vegetable item and boiling a selected carbohydrate food item.
(e) The teacher shall guide the groups in choosing one locally available vegetable to steam and one locally available carbohydrate to boil.
(f) The teacher shall guide the groups in sourcing for foods they will steam and boil. (Examples of foods that can be sourced for boiling include green bananas, irish potatoes, arrow-roots, rice and any other carbohydrate food which can be found in the locality;

Examples of vegetables that can be sourced for steaming include cabbage, spinach, sukuma wiki,
amaranth and any other vegetable that can be found in the locality).
(g) The teacher shall guide the groups in sourcing for appropriate tools and cooking equipment without
having to buy new ones. These can be improvised or sourced from home, school, neighbours, and friends/classmates.
(h) The teacher must ensure that learners are dressed appropriately and they observe safety during the
NB: The learners should NOT be left on their own at any one time during the cooking process.
(i) Learners should be encouraged to use fuels that are available in the locality.
(j) The teacher to give a copy of the questionnaire attached to each learner and guide them to fill at the end of every session and submit for scoring.
(k) The teacher to use the scoring guide provided to assess and score the practical task.
(l) The learner’s score is a combination of the group score in criteria 1-8 and the individual score in
criteria 9.

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