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Grade 7 (JSS) Home Science Topical Questions and Answers



  1. Suggest three careers you can pursue when you choose homescience as a subject.
  2. State three income generating activities that open up to a student of homescience. 
  3. Draw the following small kitchen tools and equipment. 



     Frying pan 

     Rolling pin

     Chopping board 

      Baking tin 

  • Tere would like to choose appropriate knife for cutting vegetables. Give three factors that Should be considered when choosing a good kitchen knife.
  • State 4 methods used in cooking food. 6. Write procedure of steaming cabbages and what is required. 







7. Write three safety precaution observed in the following methods of cooking 








  1. Mukui has just harvested green maize. Describe how he should grill the green maize for his family. 


  • Belende noticed that some pans and sufuria in the homescience room were dented, what advice can you give him on the care of sufurias and pans. 

  • Fill the following table on the effects of heat observed on the following vegetables.

 Vegetables.          Colour    Texture 

Raw spinach 

Steamed cabbage  

Raw cabbage 

  • Explain the following ways of increasing particular nutrients in the foods found in the locality. 
  • Food fortification 
  • Food enrichment 
  • Supplementation of nutrients 

5. Describe the uses of the kitchen tools and equipment they observed in the kitchen during baking process 




(d)  (e) 

  • Draw colour and name traditional utensils found in the kitchen. 
  • Grade seven learners were preparing for a practical on roasting. They were asked to collect all the equipment they will require for roasting bananas. Write three equipment they will need. 


1. List four goods and services used to meet specific household needs of a family.

2 Explain three factors to consider when buying goods and services Needed at household level.

  • Classify natural textile fibres in the following diagram.
  • Erica went to buy a blouse ina clothes shop. Which physical identification test will she use so as to confirm that the blouse is made of silk? 
  • Outline four guidelines of nutrients conservation during food preparation. 
  • Small kitchen tools and equipments are grouped into different classes. Name five classes. 
  • Scouts from your school intend to have a camping activity. As a member of the group. Write how you can improvise grilling equipment. 

  • When factors can be considered when buying a sewing machine? 

Grade 7 (JSS) Home Science Topical Questions and Answers


1. What are functions of the following parts of a sewing machine as described by tailor or teacher? 

  • Spool pin 
  • Presser foot 
  • Tension disc 
  • Thread take up lever 

2. Name different seams found on the clothes. 

  • What factors do you consider when choosing seams in clothing construction? 

  • Grade 7 learners in Kiambu junior secondary school are having a discussion on cleaning agents used for house hold cleaning. List down the cleaning agents the learners should discuss.  (a) 

(b)  (c) 

  • Write 4 reasons for carrying out specials treatment during laundry. 
  • state examples of foods that can be roasted. 

  • Outline ways of minimising nutrients loss in food preparation. 


  • Baking utensils are used for cooking foods in an oven. List and draw examples of baking utensils.  


  1. Name sale outlets for house hold goods and services. 

  • What are the challenges experienced when buying goods and services 
  • Describe properties of cotton as a natural textile fibre 
  • What are 4 desirable properties of wool? 
  • Write 4 undesirable properties of wool.
  • What are the possible causes of missing stitches? 

  • Study the illustration below and label it appropriately. 
  1. Write simple five steps using illustrations of how to make an open seam. 


  1. Write 4  remedies of thread breaking
  2. Write the functions of the parts of a sewing maching 
  3. Slide plate 
  4. Feed dogs 
  5. Bobbin winder 
  6. Handwheel 

3. There are various factors that influence consumer’s purchasing decisions when buying goods and services. State three factors. 

4, What are the guidelines of roasting as a method of cooking? 




  • What are 4 qualities of an effective household cleaning agent 
  • Write 4 examples of soapless detergents 
  • What are 4 basic ingredients and substances added during soap making? 
  • Write five steps in simple method of making homemade starch from green maize. 

Grade 7 (JSS) Home Science Topical Questions and Answers


1. Discuss the procedure for sponging a sweater In laundry work. 




(d)  (e) 

  • Write safety measures observed when carrying out special treatment in a laundry work. 
  • State the machine faults encountered during straight stitching. 

  • What is the procedure off winding a bobbin in a sewing machine? 


  • List clothes made from linen natural fibre. 

  • What are desirable properties of linen? (a) 

  • What are some of the ways of saving income in buying goods and services?   
  • (a) Discuss how to grill Chicken
  • Why should the meat be cut and spread
  • What is purpose of brushing the chicken with oil while grilling? ASSESSMENT 8 
  • Describe how roasting potato is done using traditional jiko. 
  • Draw and state suitable equipment for roasting. 
  • Highlight factors that influence consumer’s purchasing decisions on household goods and services. 

4 What are the buying methods used for various household goods and services. 

  • With the help of your teacher, conduct a market survey to compare the prices of selected household goods and services available in your community. Use the table and record your observation.          Sale         Good and        Price          outlet        services 

  • Discuss the properties of asbestos 

  • There are three types of sewing machines based on the method running them. Name them 

  • Name stitches used in neatening of seams. 


1. Wanjiku a Grade 7 learner at Kikuyu Junior secondary school, wore her starched blouse to school. At the assembly. Wanjiku looked presentable than the rest of the learners. What are the advantage of starching clothes. 

2. What are the procedure of spotting a skirt in laundry work. 

  • What are the reasons for home dry-cleaning in laundry work? 

  • What are the qualities of an effective house cleaning agent? 

  • List examples of soap detergents. 

  • Name the different types of household cleaning agents 

  • State the procedure of making a short a pair of short using illustration


Name the following types of seams

  1. Discuss factors to consider when choosing seams in garment construction.

  • What other possible causes of needle breaking in sewing machine. 

  • Give steps followed in threading the sewing machine. 
  • Write the desirable properties of silk.

  • Name some house hold articles made of wool. 

  • What are factors to consider when buying goods and services? 

  • Write the safety precaution observed when preparing steamed food. 

Grade 7 (JSS) Home Science Topical Questions and Answers

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