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Grade 8 Notes CBC Junior Secondary 2024


1. State three components of Integrated Science. (3 mks)

                          a. Physics, chemistry and biology

2. Outline three examples of micronutrients

Vitamins, minerals and macronutrients

3. give two examples of macro nutrients

Carbohydrates proteins and Fats of lipids

4. What is the role of good governance for sustainable health promotion? (3 mks)

  1. Establishing health centres and facilities.
  2. Educating people about maintain proper health.
  3. Frequent vaccinations and screening etc
  4. proper advertisements

5. Write three examples of vitamins

a. Vitamin A.B1 (Thiamin). b. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) c. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

d. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), e. Vitamin D,E,K

6. What is constipation?

Inability of the digestive system to properly pass out stool

7. state two challenges facing health promotion in the community

low literacy levels, ignorance and lack of proper education, poverty, inadequate resources, harmful cultural practices, stereotypes, Myths and misconceptions

8. What are the names of the following lab apparatus for heating

9. Outline two examples of derived quantities

Volume, Density, Area

8. What is a microscope.

An instrument used to magnify objects and make them appear bigger.

9. Name the types of microscopesa.

The light microscope and Electron Microscope

10. State the purpose of using a light microscope

It magnifies and reveals the structure details of tiny objects such as cell, be seen by the human eye directly

11. Identify the following parts of digestive system

12. Match the skull to the animal it belongs to

13. What is the Apparatus and Instruments for Measuring Volume. (2 mks)

Identify the following Methods of separating mixture

a. Decanting

b. Filtration

c. distillation

14. Name the process that occurs in human esophagus as demostrated


15. Name three Acid base Indicators

Phenolphthalein, Methyl Orange, Litmus Paper

16. Name two uses of Acid

Vinegar can be used for various household uses such s preservative

sulphuric acid is widely used in batteries that are used to start the engines of auto mobiles

Citric juice is important part of lemon juice and orange juice. it can also be used for preservative

Phosphoric acid is a key ingredient in many soft drinks

Industrial production of dyes, paints and fertilizers involve the use of Sulphuric acids and nitric acid

17. What is magniofication

The power of making an image larger

18. what is the formula of calculating magnification in a light microscope

eyepiece lens magnification X object lens magnification

19. Give the reasons for each of the following steps when preparing a cross section leaf for examination under the microscope

a. cutting very thin sections

allow light to pass through making it easy to observe the tissue

b. using a sharp razor blade during the cutting

sharp blade does not damage ,deform, destroy or distort the surface of cell or tissues

c. placing Sections in water

to maintain turgidity hence maintain shape of cell it prevents drying of section

d. Staining the sections with Iodine before observing

to make chloroplasts, starch containing structures, granules or plastic distinct

Grade 8 Notes CBC Junior Secondary 2024

Grade 8 Agriculture Notes For Junior Secondary(JSS)- CBC

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