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In order to address the gaps that a professional may have in terms of the KePTS indicators, a
teacher needs a TPD Plan that can be developed by using the following steps:

Step One:
Teacher/School Self Assessment

•This is the initial stage when a teacher/School completes self evaluation to identify learning
activities for termly professional development.
•Using the scale of 1-3, a teacher conducts self assessment in each of the KePTS to objectively determine areas of improvement using the rating shown in table 1.

Step 2: Identification of Professional Competence Gaps

•After identifying the Professional Competence gaps,
the teacher proceeds to identify the chapters in the
relevant TPD Module that address the identified
•At this stage, the teacher is expected to set
professional learning goals that must include the
–Outcomes of self assessment data in step one.
–Competency indicators as provided in each of the standards.
–A balance between individual teacher professional
goals and classroom learning curriculum outcomes.
–Actual outcome of professional development.
–Improvement on the gaps identified through self assessment.

Step 3: Professional Development ActionPlan

•Having identified the perceived strengths
and areas of improvement of a teacher and
learners learning, the teacher determines
the appropriate chapter of the module and
activity for professional development and
action plan.
•The teacher’s action plan should include
the following:
–Intended professional development goals.
–Rationale for professional development goals.
–The benefits of the professional development to the learner’s learning.
–The chapter of the module to undertake.
–Nature of assessment to attain the professional development goals.
–Information on resources required.

Step 4: Assessment of Teacher’s ActionPlan by Instructional Leader

•The instructional leader will assess
teachers’ action plans. The assessment
of the teacher’s TPD action plan will
ensure that:
–Goals are specific and measurable
–Goals will improve learners’ learning
–Goals are integrated with competencyindicators
–Steps of the action plan are clearly outlined
–Action plan is realistic, manageable and achievable
–Assessment strategies towards achieving the goals in the action plans are appropriate
–Learning resources to accomplish the professional development are identified

Step 5: Developmentof TPD report

•The instructional leader is required to develop a TPD report detailing performance gaps of the teachers and intervention measures to be undertaken

Extended learning activity.

•Study theKePTs and their indicators above and identify one standard where you feel you currently require more knowledge and skills
•Following the steps given above, draw a professional development support plan in one of your teaching subjects that can address the gap you have identified.
•Explain how your plan can be operationalized in a school based TPD program
•Post your responses on the e learning platform or share to your TPD County e mail and share your learning experiences on the Whatsapp platform.

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