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  1. CBC is learners based while 8:4:4 is teachers based CBC parents have to dig deeper into their pockets to provide all the learning materials for the siblings to get knowledge thus expensive while 8:4:4 is teachers based since it’s the role to passed knowledge and make sure learners understands.
  2. CBC is skills oriented, while 8:4:4 is examination oriented. CBC allows learners to specialized in areas of interest thus promoting inventions and innovations while 8:4:4 is examination oriented because for one to move to next level he or she must sit and pass the stipulated exams.
  3. CBC teachers acts as guides and learning accelerators, while 8:4:4 they are the core or main character because learners fully depends on their stored knowledge and skills.
  4. CBC level are divided into slots reducing boredom and drop out while 8-4-4 similar content is learnt leading to boredom
  5. Class are now called Grade.
  6. ECD has two levels only (Pre-Primary 1 and 2) that is PP1 and PP2 no play group
  7. Subject areas are now referred to as learning areas.
  8. Topics/sub-topics are now known as strands/sub-strands.
  9. Learning outcomes is the new term that replaces lesson objectives.
  10. Learning resources are used instead of teaching aids.

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