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What is instructional Technology? Benefits of Instructional Technology

The teacher plays a central role in the   designing technology for learning; •The teacher is familiar with the curriculum goals and outcomes and makes decisions on what technology will be used in the teaching and learning process. vAs a technology designer, the teacher is expected to play the following roles:

i.Needs Analysis : This involves understanding the needs of a learner and how to use technology to enhance learning. Teachers interact directly with learners and are in a position to understand how their learners learn best learn with technology.

ii.Selection of appropriate tools to use: As subject specialists, teachers can determine the appropriatetools to use for the achievement of different outcomes.

iii.Pedagogy specialist: Teachers are conversant with different learning approaches. They know how to structure learning in order to ensure that learning takes place. Teachers are expected to make pedagogical decisions regarding the use learning approaches to with different types of instructional technologies

iv.Planning and Delivering Content to Learners: The teacher is the key person in  helping learners to access the capabilities of technology. The teachers need to develop their literacy skills to be able to access, evaluate and use information to improve teaching and learning. Effective use of instructional technology depends heavily of the teacher expertise in use of technology.

v. Facilitate and guide the learning process:  The main task of a teacher is to enable the learners to learn with technology. They provide clear objectives, prepare and compile the appropriate content, and try to encourage the learner to have active participation in learning matter and group.

vi. Motivation: The teacher can create a positive attitude in learning with technology. They should provide   support to learners so that they develop confidence in the use of technology for learning.

Uses of Technology in Instructional Design

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