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The Role of the Teacher as a Technology Designer for Learning

Learning outcomes

What knowledge, skills and attitudes do you want the learners to achieve? In fact, technology should not drive learning but rather the set learning outcomes.

Age of learners

the technology tools to be used should consider learner development stage and their readiness to use it

Access to technology

What technology is available for use in the teaching and learning process

Learner centeredness

Does the technology chosen allow the learners to learn collaboratively on their own and can they be able to use it without depending on the teacher

Creativity and innovation

does the technology arouse creativity and innovation in the learners? Can the learners suggest other ways in which they can use the technology?

Safety of learners

This should be a paramount importance especially when learners are expected to use online  tools and resources

Teacher competence

How the teacher use the technology with confidence as he facilitates learning

Assessment of learning

What assessment tools will be used to find out whether has taken place?


technology instructional  design should be accessible to  all learners including those with special needs.

Approaches Used to Support Technology Use in Learning

Problem-based learning (PBL);

Use technology to create conditions that are similar to real-life and encourage the learner to gain new knowledge and skills through repeated practice and solving authentic problems

 Inquiry-based learning (IBL)

 Encourages the learner to actively explore the material, ask questions, and discuss possible solutions modelling the real-life process of examining issues and systematically looking for answers.

Project-based learning (PBL)

engages learners in authentic and complex projects, often developing a tangible product, enabling learners to actively explore real-world problems and gain deeper knowledge and skills

Uses of Technology in Instructional Design

What is instructional Technology? Benefits of Instructional Technology

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