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What is instructional Technology? Benefits of Instructional Technology

  • Technology literacy approach

This involves improving basic literacy skills through technology and adding the development of ICT skills into relevant curriculum contexts. This will involve setting aside time within the traditional curricula of other subjects for the incorporation of a range of relevant productivity tools and technology resources.

  • Knowledge deepening approach

At this level, use of technology aims at increasing the ability of students, to add value to society and to the economy by applying the knowledge gained in school subjects to solve complex, high- priority problems encountered in real world situations of work, society and in life generally. Such problems might relate to the environment, food security, health, and conflict resolution.

  • Knowledge creation approach

The aim of the knowledge creation approach is to increase productivity by creating students, citizens, and a workforce that is continually engaged in, and benefits from, knowledge creation, innovation and life-long learning. Teachers, in this approach, should not only be able to design classroom activities that advance these policy goals but also participate in the development of programmes within their school that advance these goals.

The Role of the Teacher as a Technology Designer for Learning

Uses of Technology in Instructional Design

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