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Uses of Technology in Instructional Design

Distraction: While technology can enhance learning, it can also easily distract from it. Distraction may be through overworked PowerPoint slides or videos where the core message is lost amid spinning graphics, useless animations, distracting photos, or disconnected audio. and pictures. 

Equity: Although technology has the potential to contribute to equity among learners, it is frequently a great source of inequality with regard to access and usage.. Learners in low-income schools may have comparable access to computers while at school but their access to computers and reliable internet may be limited at home. Additionally, low-income schools frequently employ technology for routine drills, content delivery, and teacher-centred ways rather than facilitating access to knowledge and learning further enlarging the digital divide.

Media centrism: There is sometimes a bias towards overemphasizing technology in our designs. Media centrism occurs due to new attraction for technology by new designers. This may lead to more attention being given to the technology as opposed to instructional design.

Time/Cost/Efficiency Tradeoffs: Technology is often expensive to integrate into a learning environment particularly if it is a new technology and related challenges include:

  1. Not having enough time to get familiar with the tools​​​​​​​
  2. Being unsure of what can be achieved with which technology
  3. No training in pedagogy and strategies that works well with specific technologies
  4. Uncertainty in assessing and evaluating the learning that has been gained using technology
  5. Issues around managing behaviour and classroom
  6. Demands on meeting specific learning objectives-as technology doesn’t always fit in to meet these

The Role of the Teacher as a Technology Designer for Learning

Factors to Consider in Integration of Technology in Instructional Design

The Role of the Teacher as a Technology Designer for Learning

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