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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub strand,  the learner should be able to:-

a) use objective pronouns correctly to construct simple

sentences about transport, 

  • pick out objective pronouns to improve oral communication, 
  • appreciate the use of object pronouns for effective communication. 

Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • In groups learners recite a rhyme containing objective pronouns. 
  • Learners work in pairs to construct sentences using objective pronouns.
  • Learners construct sentences on locally available means of transport and the objective pronouns.(This car belongs to Amina. It belongs to her).
  • Learners  listen to a story, poem or conversation  on means of transport containing objective pronouns. 

Key Inquiry Question(s)

  1. What do you use to come to school?
  2. What does your father/ mother/ brother/ use to go to the market/ shop/ visit your aunt/uncle?

Core Competences to be developed: Communication and collaboration, and self efficacy by using object pronouns correctly.

Link to PCIs: Life skills -self-awareness ( making sentences based on their body parts)

Suggested non-formal activity to support learning:  Learners could talk about themselves using object pronouns.

Suggested Learning Resources: Realia, charts, pictures/ photographs and  audio-visual recordings of dialogues with object pronouns.

Link to Values: Respect, Responsibility, Unity (reciting poems in pairs annd groups)

Suggested Community Service Learning activities: Share how object pronouns are used and compare meaning in local languages.

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, portfolio, observation

Suggested Formative Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding  Expectations

Learner always picks out and uses both subject and object pronouns correctly in simple sentences.

Meeting  Expectations

Learner picks out and uses object pronouns correctly in simple sentences.

Approaching  Expectations

Learner sometimes picks out and uses object pronouns correctly in simple sentences.

Below expectations

Learner rarely picks out and uses object pronouns correctly in simple sentences.

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