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CBC Curriculum Design: sub strand 2.1 Printing Pattern Making

Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand the leaner should be able to:

  1. make patterns using objects  for creativity
  2. appreciate own and others painted work

 Suggested Learning Experience 

  • Guide learners to select printing materials
  • Guide learners to use one colour
  • Guide learners to apply paint on objects using brushes/Sponge
  • Learners create  patterns using different objects
  • Display own painted work
  • Guide learner to share comments

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. Which colour do you like for making patterns
  2. Which materials do you use for making  patterns?
  3. Which printing do you like?

Core Competence  

  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Self-efficacy
  • Communication and Collaboration

Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues

•           Education For Sustainable Development: Disaster Risk Reduction; Safety •        Health Education

Link to other learning areas:

Environmental and Language Activities

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•           Have painting activities

Resources: materials from local environment e.g. Leaves, flowers, soil,  brush, sponge, papers, pencil, crayon

N/B Learners can experiment with different colours and shapes

Link to Core Values

  • Co-operation
  • Turn taking

Suggested Community service learning

•           Mentorship

Suggested Assessment; Question and answer, Observation

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above Expectation 

Able to;

  • identify different printing tools
  • appreciate the use of printing tools
  • create patterns using finger and others objects technique
  • perform free choice successfully

Meeting Expectation

Able to;

  • identify some printing tools
  • create some patterns using finger printing technique fairly
  • perform free choice successfully

 Approaches Expectations

  • attempts identifying printing tools
  • fairly creates some patterns using finger and other objects printing technique
  • fairly performs free choice successfully 

Below Expectation 

  • does not printing
  • no attempt of appreciation of work done

CBC Curriculum Design: sub strand 2.1 Printing Pattern Making

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