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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design: sub strand 3.2 Collage

Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand the leaner should be able to:

  1. Identify materials used in creating collage pictures for fun 
  2. Create a simple collage picture using a variety locally materials for enjoyment 
  3. Appreciate their own and others  work 

Suggested Learning Experience 

  • Guide learners to collect materials from their immediate environment
  • Guide learners into groups for material sharing
  • Guide learners to stick different materials on the paper using glue, wheat flour or sap 
  • Insure learners observe safety when using collage materials 
  • Guide learners to appreciate their own and others  work
  • learners store finished items in the cupboard
  • learners clean up the working area

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. Where do we get materials for making collage?
  2. What materials do you use to make collage?
  3. Which items do you like making?

 Core Competence 

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Self-efficacy

Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues

  • Education For Sustainable Development: Disaster Risk Reduction;


  • Life skill; coping with emotion

Link to other learning areas:

•          Environmental, Mathematics, Language

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•          Group craft activities

Resources: materials from local environment e.g. , soil,  brush,sponge, papers, pencil, glue, sand, egg shells,seeds

 N/B Learners can experiment with different colours and shapes

Link to Core Values

  • Sharing
  • Co-operation

Suggested Community service learning

•          Visit neighborhood and collect materials

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above Expectation 

Can perform all the following activities successfully

  • Identify materials used in making collage
  • Select and stick different materials to make simple collage items
  • Express feelings as his/her work and gallery walk

Meeting Expectation

Can perform most the following;

  • Can collect materials from the immediate environment
  • Can perform any of the activities successfully
  • Create simple collage items using collage technique
  • Observe safety when using materials
  • Give meaning to his/her collage work

Approaches Expectations

Can perform three activities independently assisted to perform others

  • Identify local materials for making mosaic
  • Give meaning to his/her work
  • Create simple mosaic items

Below Expectation 

  • Cannot perform a single activity independently
  • Identify materials for making collage
  • Create simple collage 
  • Observe  safety

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design: sub strand 3.2 Collage

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