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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design: sub strand 4.1 Modeling using Ball Technique

Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub strand  the learner should be able  to :

a) Model simple objects using slab technique for fine motor development.

b) Model freely for fun .

c) Display finished objects for appreciation of own and other work .

Suggested Learning Experience

  • Guide  leaners  identify materials for modeling
  • Guidelearners into working groups
  • Guide leraners to use clay ,plasticine, dough ,paper matchie, for modeling
  • Learners display, appreciate own and others work

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. What materials doyou use for modeling ?
  2. What do you like modeling ?

Core Competence 

  • Creativity  and imagination
  • Communication  and collaboration
  • Self- efficacy

Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues

  • Education For Sustainable Development; Safety
  • Health Education: Hygiene

Link to other learning areas:

  • Language 
  • Environmental
  • Mathematics

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•           Have modeling activities 

Resources: materials from local environment e.g clay, Plastacine ,sponge, paper machier, pencil, glue, 

Link to Core Values

  • Sharing
  • Co-operation
  • Responsibility 

Suggested Community service learning

•           Improve school ground

Suggested Assessment Observation 

Question and answer

Self assessment.

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above Expectation 

  • Can successfully identify two modeling techniques
  • Model successfully using slab and


  • Able to appreciate own and others work

Meeting Expectation

  • Can successfully identify one modeling technique 
  • Can successfully model an average object
  • Cannot comment on the work

Approaches Expectations

  • Fairly  identify one modeling technique
  • Fair Model using one of the following slab 
  • Model incomplete object  

Below Expectation 

  • Can’t identify any modeling technique without assistance
  • Model incomplete object

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design: sub strand 4.1 Modeling using Ball Technique

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