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Specific learning outcomes / Objectives for Sub-strands 10.2 Imitating sounds

By the end of the sub-strand the leaner should be able to:

  1. Identify sources of sound in the environment for familiarization 
  2. Imitate sounds made in the environment for enjoyment. 
  3. Appreciate sounds produced in the environment 

Suggested learning experience 

Guide learners;

  • listen to different sounds in the environment
  • to identify the sources of sound in the environment.
  • to imitate sounds produced in the environment in groups and pairs.
  • sing songs related to sources of sound in the environment
  • to identify the direction from which the sounds are coming. 

Key inquiry questions

  1. What do you hear?
  2. What makes that sound?
  3. Which direction did the sound come from?

Core Competence 

Communication and collaboration


Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues

•           Education For Sustainable Development: Animal awareness •    Environmental awareness

Link to other learning areas:

•           Environmental, Language, CRE/IRE/HRE

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•           Music festival

Link to Core Values

•           Humility 

Suggested Community service learning

•           Nature walk in the neighbourhood – caring for animals

Suggested Assessment

•           Observation of children’s individual activity, question and answer through discussion

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above Expectation 

Can successfully;

  • Listen to sounds
  • Identify sources of sound
  • Imitate sounds correctly 
  • Make sound they have listened 
  • Appreciate sound produced

Meeting Expectation

  • Listen to sound 
  • Identify sources of sounds
  • Imitate sounds
  • Express his feelings towards sound produced 

Approaches Expectations

  • Listen fairly well
  • Fairly identify sources of sound
  • Tries to imitate sounds
  • Enjoy sounds produced

Below Expectation 

  • Cannot listen sounds without assistance
  • Attempts to identify 
  • Attempts to imitate sounds
  • Fair enjoyment of the sounds produced

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