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Specific learning outcomes  for Sub-strands 12.1 Locomotive

By the end of the sub-strand the leaner should be able to:

  1. acquire stretching and bending skills for muscle development.
  2. bending and stretching for body co-ordination
  3. have fun as they stretch and bend

Suggested learning experience 

  • Learners to stretch and bend freely
  • Learners guided to perform stretching and bending activities
  • Organize learners to observe safety precautions as they stretch and bend
  • Learners appreciate own and

others talents 

Key inquiry questions

  1. Which activity did you perform?
  2. Which activity did you enjoy?
  3. How did you feel as your partner performed the activities?

Core Competence 

  • Communication and collaboration – when working in groups
  • Self-efficacy – as they express their emotions during performance

Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues

Education For Sustainable Development – Safety

•           Life Skills – assertiveness 

Link to other learning areas:

  • Language
  • Environmental
  • Religious Activities

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•           Gymnastics/fun games

Link to Core Values

•           Responsibility

Suggested Community service learning

•           Learn from their siblings at school and at home

Suggested Assessment

•           Observation, observation checklist, question and answers, peer assessment 

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above


  • Can stretch and bend accurately
  • Can show the effective development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Can follow the styles/steps of doing activities well
  • Has ability to change from one activity to the other i.e. bending, stretching and squatting 

Meeting Expectation

  • Can fairly stretch and bend 
  • Fairly display effectively development of fine and gross motor skills in activities
  • Can follow direction of doing activities fairly well i.e. bend, stretch etc.

Approaches Expectations

  • The motor skills fairly developed but cannot do activities accurately
  • Follow directions for some


  • Gets fatigued very past

Below Expectation 

  • Has very little muscle control
  • Gets fatigued fast
  • Cannot follow the directions of doing activities well

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