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Specific Learning Outcomes for Sub-strand 14.2 Water orientation

By the end of the sub-strand the leaner should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate ability to take care of themselves when playing

with water for personal safety

  • Demonstrate basic swimming skills for talent development
  • Have fun when playing with in in water

 Suggested Learning Experience 

  • Guide learners interact with water freely.
  • Guide them to practice basic safety precautions when playing with water.
  • Guide them to adjusting in  water in the pool.
  • Sing routine songs as they enter and exit water. Walking in a baby pool
  • Guide learners to demonstrate basic swimming styles in turns

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. What are some of the improvised pools you used?
  2. How do you feel while in water?
  3. What do you do before entering the pool?

Core Competence 

        •     Critical thinking and problem solving 

Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues

Education For Sustainable Development – Safety

  • Life skills – making choices
  • LSP – Sports and Games
  • Health Education – personal hygiene

Link to other learning areas:

•           Environmental, Language

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•           Picnics 

Link to Core Values

•           Responsibility 

Suggested Community service learning

•           A nature walk to a river/poor

Suggested Assessment

Question and answer, observation, checklist

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above


  • Follows the rules for safety
  • Take care of him/herself when playing with water
  • Swim for talent development

 Meeting Expectation

  • Can take care of him/herself when playing with water
  • Swim without being guided

for fun

  • Can follow some rules for safety

Approaches Expectations

  • May not be able to take care of himself/herself when playing with water
  • Swim with assistance
  • May be able to follow some rules

Below Expectation 

  • Take care of him/herself when playing with water with assistance
  • Cannot swim
  • Cannot follow the rules correctly

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