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Essence statement for Environmental Activities Curriculum Design

Environmental activity area in pre-primary entails the study of the relationship between man and his environment. It comprises; the local natural environment and its care, social relationships, health practices and safety. This provides opportunities for the learner to explore, experiment and interact with the immediate environment. This enables the learner to acquire skills to; enjoy learning, promote good health, safety, environmental conservation and appreciate rich cultural diversity.

General learning outcomes

By the end of pre-primary education the learner should be able to;

  1. observe proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition to promote health,
  2. explore the immediate environment for learning, conservation and enjoyment,
  3. apply technological skills for learning and enjoyment within their local environment,
  4. demonstrate acquisition of social skills for interpersonal relationship,
  5. appreciate the rich and diverse cultural heritage in the local environment,
  6. make appropriate choices for safe interaction with the immediate environment.

This is paragraph 2 for posts without the target word.

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