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Specific learning outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand the leaner should be able to:

  1. Identify materials used for beading 
  2. Make beads using locally available materials for aesthetics 
  3. Appreciate own and others finished beading work 

Suggested learning experience 

  • Guide Learners to identify and collect locally available materials
  • Learners to sort the materials to use
  • |Guide learners to string beads.
  • Learners to work in pairs and small groups to make beads.
  • Observe safety as they bead
  • Learners to express their emotions as they display their work

Key inquiry questions

  1. What materials do you need for beading?
  2. What item can you make from beads? 

 Core Competence 

Creativity and imagination

Critical thinking

Communication and collaboration


Link to Pertinent and Contemporary Issues; Education For Sustainable Development: Disaster Risk Reduction; Safety

  • Financial Literacy
  • Health Education: Hygiene

Link to other learning areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Environmental
  • Language 

Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application:

•     Group craft activities

Resources: Beads ,raw soft seed, thread

Link to Core Values

  • Sharing
  • Responsibility 

Suggested Community service learning

•     Collecting material at home and within the environment

Suggested Assessment

Observation, self-assessment, question and answer

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeding Above Expectation 

  • Able to Identify materials for beading from the environment 
  • Can make beads freely
  • Appreciate the finished work

Meeting Expectation

  • Can identify materials for beading from the environment
  • Make beads freely
  • Appreciates the finished work

Approaches Expectations

  • Can identify materials for beading with assistance
  • Make beads with assistance
  • Attempts to appreciate the finished work

Below Expectation

  • Needs assistance to be able to identify materials for beading
  • Cannot make beads
  • Cannot appreciate the finished work

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