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Specific learning outcomes

By the end of the sub strand the learner should be able to:

a)         recite correctly Surah Fatiha for use in Swalah

b)         handle the Qurán with respect as a Holy Book 

c) appreciate reciting Surah Fatiha during Swalah.

Suggested learning experiences

  • Learners are engaged in listening to and reciting Surah Fatiha using varied digital educational materials like audio recordings or resource persons.
  • Learners recite Surah Fatiha in pairs and small groups.
  • Learners memorize Surah Fatiha

through repetitive recitation

  • Learners are guided on how to handle the Qur’an e.g. not placing other books/items on it.

Key inquiry question(s)

  1. When do we recite Surah Fatiha?
  2. Which Surah do we recite when praying? 
  3. Who can recite Surah Fatiha
  4. How do we take care of the Qur’an?

Core competence to be developed:    Learning to learn, Digital literacy

 Link to PCIs and Values: 

Life skills: Skills of knowing and living with others, Effective

communication: Reciting Surah Fatiha

 Parental empowerment and engagement: Guidance

Link to other Activity Areas: Language Activities

Suggested non formal activity to Support learning : Participate in Qur’an recitation reading competition

Suggested Learning Resources: flashcards, Juz’uu Amma,Yasarnal Qurán, charts, digital educational resources e.g. Qaidah Al-Nourania website   

Link to Values: Respect ,Love, Unity, Responsibility

 Suggested Community Service Learning

Recite Surah Fatiha to parents/guardians and siblings at home

Suggested Assessment

Checklist, observation, portfolio

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds expectation

Fluently and confidently recites Surah Fatiha

Handles the Qur’an  respectfully and carefully

Meets expectation

Recites  Surah Fatiha fluently

 Respectfully handles the Qur’an 

Approaches expectation

Recites Surah Fatiha with some difficulty   

Sometimes handles the Qur’an carefully

Below expectation

Attempts to recite Surah Fatiha  

Handles the Qur’an with  less  care

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