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Specific  learning outcomes

By the end of the sub strand the learner should be able to:

  1. recite correctly the shahada

(Testify that Allah is one and Muhammad is His

messenger) as  a pillar of


  • demonstrate love for Allah (S.W.T) by exalting His name with the phrase ‘Subhanahu wa taala’ when mentioned 
  • demonstrate love for prophet Muhammad by praising him with Swalallahu Aleyhi

Wassalaam when his name

is mentioned

Suggested learning experiences

  • Learners listen to audio-visual recordings on shahadah and repeat what they have heard using digital devices e.g..

smart phone, computer etc.

  • Learners recite the shahadha.
  • Learners sing Anashid. /qasida and recite poems on shahadah/oneness of Allah. 
  • Learners are engaged in discussion in pairs or small groups on oneness of Allah (Shahadah).
  • Learners are given hands-on activities to reinforce on the shahadate e.g. stencil printing, picture frame, painting.

Key inquiry questions

  1. Who can recite the shahadah?
  2. Who says the shahadah?

Core competence to be developed: Communication and Collaboration

Link to PCIs:Life skills – Skills of Knowing and living with oneself:  self awareness,  Citizenship, understanding integrity, – Religious virtues,  parental empowerment and engagement: Guidance

Link to other activities: Language Activities

Suggested non formal Activity to support learning: Learners participate in shahadah recitation competition

Suggested Learning  Resources: stencil, paint, pictures, audio visual materials

 Link to Values: Love, Respect, Integrity

Suggested Community Service Learning Activities:

Learners to be encouraged to recite the shahadah at home

Suggested Assessment: Checklist, oral questions

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds expectation

Confidently and correctly recites the shahadah with meaning 

Always says Subhanahu Wa Taala whenever Allah’s name is mentioned and reminds others

Meets expectation

Recites correctly the shahadah with confidence

Always says Subhanahu Wa Taala when Allah’s name is mentioned

Approaches expectation

Recites the shahadah

Sometimes says Subhanahu  Wa Taala when Allah’s name is mentioned

Below expectation

Attempts to recite the shahadah

Rarely says Subhanahu Wa Taala when Allah’s name is mentioned

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