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Specific  learning outcomes

By the end of the sub strand the learner should be able to:

  1. identify Eid as an Islamic festival
  2. appreciate the importance of  Eid activities by participating in the celebrations
  3. show happiness and joy during Eid by exchanging gifts

Suggested learning experiences

  • Learners sing simple songs/Anashid on Eid sourced from audio recording, resource person, video recording on digital devices i.e. laptop, computer etc 
  • Learners watch Eid celebrations on audio-visual aids e.g. smart phone, smart board etc and/or discuss Eid activities in pairs or small groups.
  • Learners colour pictures on Eid greeting cards and exchange different gifts.
  • Learner’s news tells on Eid Activities. 

Key inquiry questions

  1. What is Eid?
  2. How do we celebrate Eid?
  3. How did you celebrate Eid?

 Core Competence to be developed: Communication and Collaboration, Learning to learn

Link to PCIs: Life skills, Skills of knowing and living with others: Effective

communication: responding to simple instructions, Citizenship, Understanding integrity, sharing, 

Parental empowerment and engagement: Guidance

Link to other activity areas: Environmental Activities

Suggested non-formal activity to support learning: Children to be encouraged to share food and gifts with their friends at school.  

Suggested Learning Resources: Pictures, audio-visual aids, charts, manila papers, crayons, flowers, boxes

Link to Values;  Love,  Responsibility, Peace, Unity

 Suggested Community Service Learning: sharing gifts during Eid with family members.

Suggested Assessment: Observation, oral questions

Suggested Assessment Rubrics      

Exceeds expectation

Clearly and systematically expresses  Eid experiences

Willing and ready to share

Meets expectation

Clearly expresses  Eid experiences

Willing to share

Approaches expectation

Expresses  Eid experiences

Hesitant to share

Below expectation

Rarely expresses  Eid experiences

Not willing to share

This is paragraph 2 for posts without the target word.

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