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4.1.3 Islamic phrases

Specific  Learning


By the end of the sub strand the learner should be able to: a) pronounce correctly the Islamic phrases as a form of worship

b) use appropriately the given Islamic phrases in their day to day activities

c) appreciate the importance of Islamic phrases in daily life

Suggested Learning Experiences

•           Learners listen to and repeat what has been said in the audio recording. 

•           In pairs or small group learners practice the Islamic phrases in their activities: By saying

Bismillah before any activity and Alhamdulillah after every activity.

•           Listen and sing simple songs/Anashid and recite poems related to the Islamic phrases.

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. When do we use the phrases Bismillah and Alhamdulillah?
  2. What do these phrases mean?
  3. Why do we say

Bismillah and Alhamdulillah?

 Core competence to be developed: Communication and collaboration, Learning to learn

Link to PCIs: Life skills, Skills of knowing and living with others, Effective communication, listening and responding,  

Parental empowerment and engagement: Guidance

Suggested non formal activity to support learning: Practice the Islamic phrases at school

Suggested  Learning Resources: flash cards, pictures, Audio  aids, charts, 

 Link to values: Love, Respect

Suggested Community service learning Activities:Encouraging their peers and family members to use the phrases when doing any activity

Suggested Assessment: Observation, checklist, oral questions

 Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds expectation

Says confidently and fluently the given Islamic phrases 

Always says Bismillah before any activity and Alhamdulillah after every activity and reminds others

Meets expectation

Says correctly the given Islamic phrases 

Says Bismillah before any activity and Alhamdulillah after every activity

Approaches expectation

Sometimes uses given Islamic phrases

Sometimes uses the Islamic phrases

Below expectation

Attempts to say the given Islamic phrases 

Rarely uses the Islamic phrases

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