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Christian Religious Education (CRE) activities at the pre-primary level focus on the holistic development of the learner through use of life approach. The activity help the learner to differentiate between good and evil, learn about God, His beautiful creation (living and non-living things) and prayer. These activities are geared towards the continuous moral and spiritual development of the learner. Teachers should help the learner to appreciate people of different religious backgrounds, through emphasis on love and respect for one another.

The aim of Christian Religious Education activities at the pre-school level, is to develop awareness and appreciation of the generosity, love and care of God. This will enable the learner to acquire the qualities of sharing, respect, kindness, getting along with others and the ability to differentiate good from evil. 

Christian Religious Education is a unique  subject in the curriculum because it touches on core aspects of the society.  Christian Religious Education is concerned with both the academic and moral development of the individual learner. The teaching of CRE therefore, cannot be separated from the daily life situations which affect the physical, moral, emotional and spiritual growth of the learner.  In the present society, the learner is faced with various challenges in life.  The CRE Curriculum aims at equipping the learner with spiritual, intellectual and moral development to be able to deal with these challenges. 

General Learning Outcomes

By the end of Early Years Education, the learner should be able;

a) demonstrate God’s love through  all creation in their lives,

b) demonstrate understanding of the word of God through prayer, saying simple memory verses and singing Christian songs for their spiritual growth, c) demonstrate understanding of the person of  Jesus Christ  and emulate him in their daily lives,

  • apply Christian values in their interaction with others from diverse cultural background for harmonious co-existence,
  • appreciate the church as a house of God for their spiritual nourishment. 

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