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Essence Statement

Enable learners to develop both fine and gross motor skills which are necessary for the control and co-ordination of the different parts of the body. These activities enhance exploration and development of personal talents as well as appreciation of cultural heritage.

General Outcomes

By the end of the Pre-Primary the learner should be able to;

  1. Coordinate various body parts for movement, creativity and relaxation
  2. Engage in creative, music and psychomotor activities independently and in groups for holistic development.
  3. Share art, music and play materials and equipment for harmonious co-existence.
  4. Improvise costumes, and play materials using locally available and recycled materials for creativity and self-reliance. 5. Appreciate own and other peoples’ cultures for preservation and transmission of our rich cultural heritage  
  5. Use ICT in play, music and creative activities for learning and enjoyment.
  6. Observe safety and hygiene in play and learning environment for the learners’ wellbeing


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