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● The vision of the basic education curriculum reforms is to enable every Kenyan to be engaged, empowered and ethical citizen.
● This will be achieved by providing every Kenyan learner with world class standards in the skills and knowledge that they deserve, and which they need in order to thrive in the 21st century.
● This shall be accomplished through the provision of excellent teaching, school environments and resources and a sustainable visionary curriculum
● In order to do this, there is need to develop teachers who are:
 1. Highly knowledgeable
 2. Reflective
 3. Professional
Possessing additional enhanced skills
 Confident in a range of modern pedagogical like coaching, facilitating, and mentoring


The mission of the basic education curriculum reforms is ‘nurturing every learner’s potential’.

  • The curriculum will be designed to ensure that it provides opportunities to identify the potential that every learner brings to school and nurture this potential through the learning pathways and tracks that will be provided at Senior School. 
  • The mission will ensure that no child is labeled a failure at the end of basic education.

Define Core Competencies of Basic Education

• A competency is the ability to apply appropriate knowledge and skills to successfully perform a function. 

What are the Core Competencies of Basic Education
• Within the context of CBC, the curriculum is designed to emphasize the importance of not only developing skills and knowledge but also applying these to real life situations

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